Healthy lighting

The light that synchronizes you with the environment

Healthy Lighting

The light that synchronizes you with the environment

What is
healthy lighting?

Healthy lighting is what synchronizes us with the environment, because it emits a different amount of light and a different color tone for each moment of the day. Imitating sunlight, it accompanies people in their daily lives.

When we manage to reproduce the quality of natural light to the maximum, we achieve additional benefits, such as greater visual precision, improved mood and more efficiency and concentration, among many others. We achieve this with our Nature Range, which has a Fidelity Index (Rf) greater than 95 and a Range Index (Rg) equal to or greater than 100.

Our LED Nature range emulates sunlight and produces beneficial effects on health.

With the LED Nature range, your interior spaces will always be illuminated with the best light quality, as if sunlight were present in your room. . Choose the power and temperature you need to light your project and enjoy the benefits of our Nature Range.

What is the Fidelity Index (Rf) and the Range Index (Rg)?

Rf-The Rf is based on the average fidelity obtained from 99 color samples from real world objects, which provides a more accurate and representative information of the color that the light source is emitting.

The maximum value of Rf is 100.
The value of our Nature models is Rf > 95.

Rg indicates the total increase or decrease in saturation. A score of 100 means that the source reproduces colors at the same level of saturation as sunlight. Values greater than 100 indicate an increase in saturation and values less than 100 indicate a decrease. As the value moves away from 100, the fidelity decreases.

The value of our Nature models is Rg > 100.

Human Centric Lighting

For thousands of years, human beings have synchronized their daily life cycle with the cycle of the sun. This was possible because, until 200 years ago, 90% of people’s active time was spent outdoors, but now most of us spend 70-80% of our time indoors with artificial light.

Artificial light sources have evolved over time. At first, their quality and efficiency did not matter, only the amount of light they emitted. A few years ago, LED technology stood out, above all, for its energy savings and,
therefore, economic and environmental savings.
We have advanced and, today, this same technology is being researched and developed to make it more efficient and have better light quality. The research is based on the concept of human-centric lighting (Human Centric Lighting).

What are the advantages of healthy light?

· Reduces the emission of blue tones, which are harmful to vision.
· Increase visual accuracy.
· Improves mood.
· Improves color perception.
· Contributes to the synthesis of vitamin D.
· Avoid sleep disorders.
· Increases efficiency and concentration at work or school. .
· Increase productivity.

Healthy light and Circadian Circle

For many years, the daily life cycle of living beings has been marked by the cycle of the sun. For this reason, our “active time” is during the day and we sleep when it is night.

The color temperature and intensity of sunlight varies throughout the day. Warm color tones are suitable for relaxation and cool ones for moments of greater activity. For this reason, it is important to make good use of the LED, regulating it to achieve an adequate CCT, depending on the activity or time of day, thus avoiding alterations in our biological rhythms.

A consequence caused by the misuse of lighting would be being exposed to cold light for more than 90 minutes, an action that would imply that the body interprets that it is daytime, suspending the release of melatonin (sleep hormone) and causing problems such as insomnia.

At Lluria we have different control systems and LED strips to reproduce the circadian circle precisely and with great light quality.

Healthy Lighting Projects

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