HUMAN CENTRIC LIGHTING. Iluminación centrada en el ser humano

At Lluria, in accordance with the ideas of the HCL, we have created our Nature model LED strip. The Nature range is developed under the IES * method TM-30-18, which more precisely measures and evaluates the properties of light sources. Thanks to the new technology that they integrate, we manage to transfer the quality of sunlight to the interiors where we currently spend most of our time.


Healthy lighting is the one that synchronizes us with the environment because it emits a quantity of light and with a different color tone (CCT) for each moment of the day. Imitating sunlight, it accompanies people in their daily lives.


Illuminate spaces in a healthy way with the new LED strips Nature provides benefits such as a reduction in the emission of blue tones, greater visual precision, improves mood, or improves color perception among other advantages


The TM-30-18 method mainly takes into account two concepts: the fidelity index (Rf), the value of our Nature models is Rf> 95; and the range index (Rg), which represent a value of _> 100.