Designing horizons with indirect lighting
Designing horizons with indirect lighting

Lighting can play different roles in architectural design depending on the strategy adopted by the project in question. Among the different lighting design techniques, indirect linear lighting is capable of creating ambiences that completely transform the user’s perception and experience. Here are the possibilities offered by Lluria’s indirect lighting profiles to illuminate places beyond purely functional requirements, enhancing the beauty of the space and visualcomfort of the observer.

Setting visual limits

Indirect linear lighting can be used todelimit areas and create visual divisions without the need for physical structures that could overload the space. This technique is particularly useful in large offices, lofts, shops and corridors. Regarding surface profiles, ST29 is perfect for lower levels while ST35 is more suitable for higher perimeters. Both solutions help to improve orientation, focus and spatial understanding.


Ambient lighting

By concealing the linear system and using indirect reflection, overall settings can be established that are perfect for both residential and commercial premises. Depending on the power, temperature and colour selected for the Lluria LED strip, a range of ambiences can be created, from intimate and cosy to purely dramatic or experiential.


Eliminating contrasts

One of the greatest advantages of indirect lighting is its capacity to uniformly distribute light, eliminating the visual distractions caused by sharp contrasts, spots or cones of light that can occur with direct flow lighting. This feature is particularly valuable in architectural spaces where the aim is to maintain a constant visual perception of interior surfaces without any alterations caused by inadequate lighting.

Visual comfort

Taking advantage of gaps and openings in the architectural design to position the light source significantly reduces eye fatigue, this being essential in waiting rooms, hotel lobbies and rest areas. Depending on the geometry and available height, the  ST3ST32 o ST2 PLUS profile can be used, eliminating glare and improving the well-being of users.

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