Clients enjoy being outdoors on tastefully-lit gastropub and restaurant terraces
Clients enjoy being outdoors on tastefully-lit gastropub and restaurant terraces

In summer, when the heat is at its peak, bar and restaurant terraces become one of city dwellers’ most precious assets. While they are not usually at their busiest during the hottest hours of the day, at nightfall they are thronged with people. That’s why, besides an attractive architectural or decorative design, special attention should be paid to their lighting. Whether direct, indirect, surface fitted or integrated, the lighting design will be the attraction and differential point that gives a venue an unbeatable charm. Here are some keys and the best systems for enticing customers.

Hotel Flamingo (Tarragona) by Espais d’Il·luminació

Functional Lighting

Functional Lighting

The main objective when projecting light on a terrace is to obtain functional lighting on the table tops. Being able to clearly see the dishes, the menu and the faces of our companions is undoubtedly the first step. Using the linear structures of awnings or pergolas to integrate linear surface lighting systems is always a promising idea. At Lluria we have all kinds of dimensions, sections and finishes that integrate the lighting design perfectly into the spatial design.

Terraza en Barcelona by Saladié. Interiorismo: Mia Puigvert

Set out, mark, signal

Often, it is interesting to use light to limit spatial contours. A resource that will create a sense of location, belonging and comfort for diners. In these cases, we can choose ELARA Neon flex LED strips, available in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K RGB. Additionally, or as an alternative, paths to be followed can be marked out to describe the routes. To this end, SILICONLED is especially suitable, as besides being temperature-resistant, it is water and damp proof.

Hotel San Feliu (Sant Feliu de Guíxols) by Lluria

Plants and furniture

Restaurants are increasingly including design furniture and beautiful greenery on their terraces. Careful design of the interior and exterior spaces brings important benefits and economic returns. The fine section dimensions of the LYNX – Mini neon flex LED strips will allow you to give that little touch of light to vegetation or to highlight furniture. Depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy up to five colour temperatures.

Hotel S’Entrador Playa & Spa (Mallorca) by Socías y Rosselló

Special designs

For restaurants where creativity and design take precedence over everything else, we recommend the use of the CRONO> LED strip by Lluria. Its great flexibility means you can create all kinds of amazing shapes and forms. Its uniform 360-degree light emission will provide the level of light and sophistication in keeping with avant-garde decoration and architecture.

Apartamentos Sal Rossa (Ibiza)- Aixut Interiorisme

Remember that it is important to select and include opal profiles in most linear systems to avoid dazzling diners and staff. Our team of professionals will always be at your disposal to clear up any doubts that may come up when you develop your project.