When light is design
When light is design

More and more bars and restaurants are investing in and valuing good lighting design. Besides providing light and contributing to the desired atmosphere, the lighting project can be an additional layer within the interior or architectural design concept. This is the case of Ultramarinos Bar y Tapas located in the Aragonese town of Jaca, a unique project carried out by Audio Import in collaboration with Donaluz.

Raise your eyes

Strange as it may seem and unlike other restaurant designs, our first reaction on entering Ultramarinos Bar y Tapas will be to look up in surprise at the geometries of linear light that draw an infinite ceiling. Lines of light that seem to refer to the numerous and seemingly endless transatlantic voyages made to bring the most special products from distant continents.

Three-level suspension

On closer inspection, the seemingly random distribution of the lines of light is seen to be a careful and meticulous work of spatial and volumetric design. Linear suspension systems and Star 14 profiles finished in Lluria black were chosen to achieve this complex criss-cross braided light. Three heights that consistently emit different intensities of warm light along their path.

Visual comfort

One of the most interesting aspects of the system used is its capacity to illuminate directly without producing glare. All this is possible thanks to the use of opal diffusers capable of uniformly marking the lines of light and at the same time eliminating glare and flashes or and avoiding the appearance of the encapsulated chips that make up the LED strip.

Light details

Besides achieving a uniform distribution, the linear systems are adapted, adjusted to run through other unique areas of the restaurant: the bar is illuminated thanks to the suspension of the Star 14 linear systems at a lower level, the shelves and bottle racks are bathed in warm, invisible light using Star 52 recessed profiles integrated into the wood, and finally – thanks to the wide variety of special Lluria profiles – the restaurant’s bathrooms are highlighted and subtly and elegantly illuminate the edges and ceilings.

Client: Restaurante Ultramarinos (Jaca, Huesca)
Lighting Design: Audio Import
Photography: Audio Import