LED Linears: myths and possibilities
LED Linears: myths and possibilities
Lluria Xperience. reMM

On 8 June, Lluria Lighting System participated in the APDI Open Doors event organised by the Professional Lighting Designers Association. The ‘Expressive and Emotional Potential of LED Linears’ webinar aimed to share with the group of attending designers and consultants from the lighting industry Lluria’s professional dedication and commitment to quality and creativity.

In his introduction, our manager Antoni Planellas highlighted the company’s commitment to cultural change, to exploiting the innovation of the LED Linear and to anticipating market needs. As technology is perfected and as its performance is refined, Lluria’s product ranges are increasingly unique and more complete to respond to the challenges of the most demanding projects. For instance, like the latest collection for parametric design that’s about to be presented to the market.

At Lluria we’re aware of the great expressive potential of linear LEDs for projects. Our mission is to actively listen to lighting professionals’ needs, helping them translate their ideas into concrete solutions and materialise their creative visions, thanks to a highly qualified and close human team.

SB Glow Hotel. Diseño: In Sense y Alado Studio

Lighting designer Michela Mezzavilla, from reMM studio, echoed the broad creative and inspirational aspects of the light line during her speech at the ‘The Expressive and Emotional Potential of LED Linears’ webinar. Illustrating the importance of linear light phenomena in her personal imagination as a designer, she explained how lighting and visual suggestions influenced the conception and development of the Lluria Xperience Showroom project.

 The estudio reMM,made up of Michela Mezzavilla and Roberto Eleuteri, handled the lighting and architecture project for the Lluria Xperience, a space to advise and provide personalised solutions, integration details and dynamism and control features. According to Michela Mezzavilla herself, ‘the double-height space had to provide a sensory and immersive, changing and dynamic experience that evoked and reinterpreted certain natural and architectural atmospheres in a way that would be inspiring. We were looking for a light that could be as similar as possible to sunlight and capable of reproducing striking and emotional colour atmospheres.’

To achieve this, two star Lluria products were combined. On the one hand, the 19.2W Nature LED strip in the Tunable White version, which thanks to its exceptional CRI and the option to adjust the colour temperature, reproduces the best features of sunlight. On the other, the 14.4 W/m Titan RGB + W digital strip, which with its exceptional colour ranges and the added value of digital control can create infinite atmospheres and dynamics. This combination is the basis for all the lighting in the main space, integrated into different supports and profiles, to fine-tune the effects and adapt them to the various specific applications in the space.

SB Glow Hotel

During her speech, Michela Mezzavilla highlighted the importance of having personalised advice and constant support from our technical consultants. Specifically, how the close and human relationship of the assigned team was key to interpreting the design needs, on this and many other occasions.

The third part of the webinar was a conversation and open exchange between Michela Mezzavilla and lighting expert Laia Puig from Lluria, in which they talked about their collaborative experiences on common projects. Laia Puig, who has extensive training and experience in lighting design and teaching, accurately highlighted the five most common myths about the LED Linear: that it emits very cold light, that it doesn’t provide enough light, that the point of light is visible, and that it can’t be used for accent lighting nor on curved surfaces. Busting each myth one by one, she outlined a selection of typical applications to solve these and other common problems in cove lighting, pits and indoor and outdoor lighting projects.

If you’ve also come across these or other ‘myths’ about LED Linears, we suggest you watch the webinar on the APDI YouTube channel.