Transforming the night at Camping Villamar
Transforming the night at Camping Villamar

Lluria’s light reaches Camping Villamar in Benidorm to transform summer nights. In this excellent complex with differentiated environments, joy, leisure, and relaxation take shelter under a linear and versatile illumination adapted to all uses.

Welcome architecture

The campsite entrance building boasts warm lighting, accentuating handrails, illuminating planters and defining contours, extending a warm welcome to guests. As night descends, Lluria’s linear systems become integral to its distinctive architecture.


Contrast and comfort

In the dining area, the linear lighting subtly reshapes the geometry of wooden acoustic panels covering vertical surfaces. This creative interplay of light and shadow creates captivating contrasts behind a luminous mural, enhancing diners’ visual comfort.


Immersive setting

The lighting of the leisure and entertainment area is another highlight of Camping Villamar. This spectacular immersive atmosphere is achieved thanks to Lluria’s hidden RGBW linear systems in the circular recesses. A novel, easily programmable system that offers uniform and adaptable lights for different events or needs.


Security and beauty

The lighting design of the outdoor terrace is characterized by its safe, aesthetic, and functional approach. Exterior led  strips hidden beneath the handrail of the staircase mark and identify the different levels of steps. Meanwhile, the linear light on the railings and planters enhances the shapes of the metallic moharés with geometric patterns.