Residential splendor illuminated by linear lighting
Residential splendor illuminated by linear lighting

This time, we showcase the adaptability of linear lighting in the context of a private residence located in the Barcelona town of Sant Cugat de Sesgarrigues. A home designed by Jordi Mercader with lighting by Joan Alsina, where a warm entrance hall, a living room with uniform lights, and a bedroom crafted for rest make this dwelling an immensely comfortable and inviting space.

Welcoming scene

The foyer welcomes us with a pleasant luminous sensation. This serene effect is achieved using the LED MOON 9,6W/M 2700K strip with profile ST52 and opal diffuser embedded in the porcelain floor. The continuous line of diffused light is complemented by focused light points that invite us to explore the rest of the residence.

Define and enhance

The living room is a clear example of the versatile options provided by Lluria’s linear lighting. The subtle line of light embedded in the floor clearly distinguishes between the sitting area and the main dining space. This strategic lighting arrangement visually delimits the spaces and enhances the heart of the home. Additionally, the LED MOON of 28.8W/M strip hidden in the upper recess defines the boundaries and provides general, homogeneous lighting thanks to its high efficiency.

Bringing materials to life

En el área del comedor y sobre el mueble aparador, la luz se despliega de manera uniforme gracias a la tira LED MINI 9,6W/M 2700K, que acaricia con suavidad el acabado alistonado en gris neutro. Además de resaltar las cualidades formales, se establece un juego de luces y sombras que le otorga una nueva dimensión. La luz que emana del pavimento equilibra la elegante escena.

Illuminating intimacy

The master bedroom opts for indirect ceiling lighting, using warm and unidirectional light behind the bed’s headboard. This project decision highlights the material characteristics of the beech wood paneling and avoids glare. The careful arrangement of lateral support lighting contributes to creating the perfect atmosphere for rest.

Private Residence in Sant Cugat de Sesgarrigues (Barcelona)
Interior Design: Jordi Mercader
Lighting Design: AlsinaSech Lighting Projects
Photography: Gerard Colomé