Linear lighting to enhance residential design
Linear lighting to enhance residential design

This single-family home conceived by Sambori Design in the Barcelona town of Sant Cugat is a magnificent example of landscape-integrated architecture and communication between the inside and outside through large windows. The comfortable property features light as an element of the design as part of the lighting project developed by Vié Il·luminació.

Minimalist exterior

The outside lobby utilises wall lamps and decorative lighting elements to enhance its minimalist design. The lines of light compose and indicate the limits of the main entrance, soften and point out the outside stairs and mark the entry area to the house.

Invisible filter

A halo of linear light runs along the imposing wooden lintel making for an invisible filter that separates the inside from the outside. In the background, an ornate display case brings brightness and contrast thanks to the addition of Lluria recessed profiles and LED strips on the shelves.

Colour quality and rendering

The beauty of this stylish lounge/dining area reaches its splendour through an artwork placed in the centre. The colours, hues and nuances appear more vibrant thanks to the quality, fidelity and high colour rendering offered by the Lluria LED strips.

Visual comfort in specific tasks

The application of opal diffusers in linear lighting systems improves visual comfort and reduces weariness when performing specific household tasks. In the case of the kitchen, the lighting design has been calculated to provide the required brightness and uniformity in the work plane.

Formal versatility

Lluria LED strips can fit any shape or surface, making them the ideal choice for any lighting project. A clear example of this is found in the diffuse and functional front light that is part of the design of the large circular mirror.

New materiality

The use of hidden linear light in the curtain space reveals a new materiality while creating a gradual, harmonious and fully balanced light environment.

Uniform and shadow-free

The cutting measures offered by Lluria LED strips allow you to adjust the lighting system to any length with total precision. This achieves soft, shadow-free lighting in the dressing room so that each piece of clothing shines with its own light.

Light that inspires calm

The feeling of clarity and neatness in the bathrooms is reinforced by the use of indirect lights that flood the vertical walls. Contour lighting amplifies a place that inspires calm and relaxation.

Design and safety

The light that guides our steps down the communication ladder comes from an elegant designer railing. The combination of profile and LED strip on its underside provides safe and uniform lighting that shows the way down or up.

Making a difference

In lighting design, small details make the difference. On this occasion, the LED strip and ultra-slim profile under the lift’s lintel not only indicates its location, but also frees the ceiling of elements and interruptions to lend continuity to the upper mosaic.

Emphasising shapes

On the last level of the house rests a luxurious transparent glass box. The linear contour lighting behind the aluminium front emphasises the shapes and provides the necessary light in the surrounding space. In addition, the limits of this wonderful terrace are outlined and almost appear to float thanks to the indirect lights housed under the porcelain stoneware plinth.

Cosy and durable landscape

From a more distant perspective, the large uniform volume of warm light contrasts with the perimeter lines that redraw the outer walls and contours. Lighting based on profiles and high-protection LED strips that guarantee the longevity of this airy, intimate and extremely welcoming residential landscape.

Interior Design: Sambori Design
Lighting Design: Vié Il·illumination
Linear Lighting: LLuria
Photography: Vicenç Prats