Oasis Residence: lighting that inspires calmness
Oasis Residence: lighting that inspires calmness

The Oasis Residence is a building comprising 37 homes located in the city of Elche. The complex’s minimalist volumes find their essence in the interplay with light, creating a distinctive exterior design. The lighting proposal by ramqui i+i in collaboration with Lluria succeeds in creating an authentic oasis of light and tranquillity, detached from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Welcome area

The journey begins with an illuminated entrance that acts as a guide towards the building’s front door. Indirect and linear lighting emphasises the observer’s visual perspective and is supported by focal lights that shape a warm welcome. The sequence of slats on the main door acts as a filter, providing a glimpse of what awaits in the cosy atmosphere of its interior.

Light sculptures

The formal design of the communal areas reinforces its presence through the integration of Lluria’s linear systems along the lower perimeters of benches and planters. Thus, the furniture transforms into luminous sculptures that seem to rise above the pavement, taking on a new ethereal dimension at night.

Dynamic choreography

The succession of lights in this meticulously choreographed sequence follows an orientation that harmonises with the architectural environment’s structure and layout. The ensemble of luminous guidelines traces a dynamic path that invites residents and visitors to enjoy, explore and traverse this open space of residence and transition.

Expanding horizons

One of the most fascinating aspects of linear lighting is its ability to transform and enhance the perception of scale within the environment. In the Oasis Residence, light subtly emerges as a boundary tracer, creating an illusion of expansion and spaciousness. With Lluria, an elegant, secure and enduring staging is always achieved, transcending the boundary of mere functionality.

Lighting Design: Ramqui i+i
Architecture: GEA Arquitectos
Developer: Geraes